My Story

If you Truly want to get a Feel of my Life Story, here are the most important segments of it.

I am Cyril, born the 1st of april 1995, in a concrete jungle – Singapore.

I have the chance to have a singaporean Mother, a french Father, a younger Brother and an older Sister to share the same blood with – and of course, countless of friends and other relatives that all shaped who and what I am today.

All my Life, I have tried to Feel all spectrum of scenarios, situations, emotions and Feelings.

The great Truth of Life is – Transformation.

From 1-14 years, I was an average boy, learning about Life – mostly playing, learning, growing up.

Around 14, I started to defy societal rules. I liked to climb buildings, to make graffiti – aka street art (or not :p ) – and hanging out with friends which were into defying and playing with the status quo. Some stories are too personal to share here !

At the age of 16, I decided to go on a solitary trip to France, and live like a homeless teen for a month. -Why?-  Simply, because I wanted to Experience. At that phase of Life, I felt the pros and cons of being free – without money. Looking back at it now, it has developed my empathy and compassion in profound ways. I have slept in underground storerooms, on park benches, illegally in building stairways,..the list goes on. The best part is, I am glad I did !

At 17, I developed the ”hippie within”. I was into peace and love, feeling life in the most natural and hippie ways (still do, from times to times 😉 ) !

I decided to drop-out of school and continue living a free Life.

Around 18, I shifted into a very ”material and superficial ” lifestyle.

I was a nightclub promoter, drinking and smoking beyond reasonable ways, and mostly having fun and spending my material savings.

Mid-18, that’s when my Life took a big turn.

For 24 months, I became a Police Officer in the Singapore Police Force, and to my surprise, was good at it. I was a squad leader, having a 30-man force to lead and guide. These times were powerful and exactly what I needed to Experience. I learned international laws, how to defend myself, how politics and police work is done. For my good work, an article on me was published (yaaay).  During these times, I saw and realized a lot of dark and positive sides of our World and society. I witnessed situations, people and experiences that are better of if I keep it to myself.


Three months before I finished my 2 years service, I felt a strong desire to explore my spiritual side. So many synchronicities happened, and I took a leap of faith – the moment I was free, I boarded a plane for India, the Land of Yogis.

During 4 months, I traveled, -solitary- met amazing people and mystics, read lots of spiritual books, meditated and hiked giant, mystical Mountains. I started developing the Humanitarian flame that always was within me, visiting poor and secluded villages, giving and sharing what I had and could. I came to conclusion that, the less fortunate (material-wise) are also the most giving (Heart and generosity-wise). I went to Sacred Hindu temples to get cleansed and purified (Thank you Amit ! ) and felt the essence of Being One with God.

The Spiritual Path awoke my Heart with Wisdom and Love. That’s when I truly felt myself. As a free Soul. A free wanderer. I got inspired, and inspired many fellow travelers. 

Once I came back from this mesmerizing journey, I asked myself – Who do I want to Be? What is my Ideal Life? I decided to go and live in New Zealand – So, I went. For 15 months, I backpacked, worked, lived and Felt this beautiful land and culture.

For the first time in my Life, I experienced a Rainbow Gathering. To put it briefly into words, it is a gathering/congregation of amazing humans – like you and me – that want the best for Earth, for our World. For an entire full-moon cycle (28 days), we lived and felt in a remote national park, far from society, pollution and electronics. Everyday is filled with inspiring, grounding, spiritual, intellectual workshops, deep and powerful talks,  meditations, jam sessions, hugs, connection with Nature and a pure state of the essence of Being Human.

After more than a year in New Zealand, I felt it was time for me to re-connect with all my family members.

Personally, I believe that we are Eternal Spiritual Beings incarnated in dying physical bodies.

I Feel I, – as an Eternal Soul-  have lived many lifetimes on Earth, and Egypt is a land that always called me, attracted me energetically.

So, guess what did I do? I followed my Heart to this land of Ancient Wisdom and Mysteries.

There, I Felt connected to the symbols, culture -and felt a constant, deep, mystical sensation.

Then, I headed to Europe to Hug my Grandma, my Grandpa, family members and friends I haven’t seen in a long, long time.

My proudest achievement, in this Life full of experiences, happened few months after Egypt, – in Lithuania. After many years of dreaming to become a Yoga Teacher, I finally Believed my instincts and headed to World Peace Yoga School, Aukstaitija, Lithuania.

There, I met my amazing Guru, my amazing Teacher, and of course – Yogi(ni)s brothers and sisters to Share, Feel and Learn with.


After weeks of Yogic Life, I officially became a Certified, International Yoga Teacher.

Then, I continued my path towards Switzerland, to the Energy School (Darligen), to enhance my Healing and Energy Work skills. Once again, I was reminded that there is -Truly- infinity to know, learn, share, Feel.

I am Now in Australia, writing this exact word 🙂 

With the power of words, experience, and the force of your visualization, I can try to make you Feel my favorite Life moments.

India & Kashmir :

Hiking and Feeling the Himalayas (4200 meters) –

My intention here, is to share with you the amazing Feelings of : Fascination, Realization & Connection with Oneself and Nature.

Mountains Feel, Mountains Live. One day, somewhere deep in the Himalayas, I decided to ascend a mountain peak, to be One with Nature and myself – and to Feel Life as deeply as I could.

I didn’t have much on me – some snacks, my camera, a notebook, and warm  clothes.

So, here I was, hiking , contemplating the vastness, magnificence of the White Giants. As I climbed, oxygen made itself scarcer, and the terrain & temperature icier. My desire and hope to reach atop was motivating me beyond comprehension. It was as if, I was connected to a pure, abundant, infinite amount of energy. I had the feeling that nothing could stop me. I felt like God. – I felt each step, each breath, each moment passing; with an open-Heart. After hours, I made it. Here I was, alone, still, meditative – on top of the World, witnessing the Beauty of Life. The Feelings of Peace and Euphoria overtook my senses. I felt a deep connection with my Soul and with Nature. As our incredible Sun began to set, the colors over the horizon transformed – blueish-white, to yellow, orange, pink, purple, deep blue – and then, one by one, the Stars began to show themselves. I could perceive, Orion’s constellation, Sirius, and many other stars I wish I knew the names of. Slowly by slowly, our galaxy showed itself, and -wow- how fascinated was I. It reminded me that we are truly, infinitely small in the infinitely big. Then, I looked at my right palm. And, reminded myself that each, and all of us, contain Universes within us. I smiled, grabbed my bag and knew it was time for me to descend back to civilization.

Twelve-day Desert Camel Ride towards Pakistani border. My intention here, is to Share with you the Feeling and sensation of being a camel man and riding into the unknown Thar Desert : Peace, Solitude, Reflection.

Jaisalmer, Thar Desert – 2016.

Many people all over the globe come here for the desert safaris, intriguing desert culture, and – Opium.

That month, I decided to fulfill one of my bucket list desires. I found a group that had the same interests as me – so, we joined ideas and hired two guides, to lead us safely and mystically into the beautiful – yet deadly – Thar Desert.

For twelve days, we ventured into the unknown – all we knew is that we were headed towards the Pakistani Border. Each day, we mounted on our tenacious camels. Each day, the desert was as silent as death itself. All we could hear was the rare whispers of the wind, softly caressing, invigorating our warm and humid bodies. We often stopped for breaks, under flamboyant trees – how could they survive and thrive in such a dry area? 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is thar-desert-camel-safari-tree-break.jpg

From times to times, we encountered wild camels. I wonder what were there thoughts, upon seeing humans on their fellow species !

To continue, I had much time to reflect on Life. There was nothing to do, except contemplating the vastness of the desert and petting Papou, my camel. On the other hand, there was much I could think about. From the meaning of Life; to my purpose on this Earth. From my ideal Life, to what can I learn from Life. Thoughts, ideas, imagination. Our sun was greatly shining it’s rays upon us. Our reaction to that would determine the mood of our days. Personally, even though it was sometimes suffocating, I managed to Accept, Understand and truly Feel each of it’s rays penetrating my moist skin.

During the deserved breaks, we talked. About everything and nothing. Superficial, -and-,  deep stuff. Making conversations with the local guides was hard – as we tried to learn Hindi, they tried to learn English.

At night, opposingly to day-time, the temperature plummeted. Fron 45C to 10C, we could feel the shift, and luckily, had thick, comfy blanket. We slept on dunes, hoping no snakes or scorpions would come near us. I can remember not wanting to fall asleep – the stars were in the thousands, bright as ever.

Hundreds of kilometers from the closest village, I could Truly contemplate Our Milky Way – she was generous, with shooting stars crossing the night sky every few minutes. I remember listening to entrancing, euphoric music while trying to imagine the greatness and flamboyance of each of the Stars. Then – when I knew it was time – took off my earphones and listened to the silent heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

Sri Lanka, Thunderstorm in Arugam Bay:

New Zealand :

Last being melancholy in Rainbow Gathering Punakaiki + blindfold day

Tipi Sound Creations

Dancing with Sacred Fire and Infinite Stars

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Driving on 90 mile beach

driving 90mile beach.JPG

Paragliding Wanaka 

Egypt :

Meditating in the center room of The Great Pyramid of Giza

Horse Riding in the Giza Desert.

Dolphin Connection Hurghada.

Solitary, with family, or with travel buddies, I had the chance to visit and explore : Spain, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Kashmir Viet Nam, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Egypt New Zealand, Lithuania, Switzerland  Australia, France and  Singapore.

My Goals and ambitions in Life are :

Too many too mention here. Let’s connect together, and we shall know and find our most ideal purpose(s) in this Life.

Each time I have the chance to share or give Energy, I will. Some of the animals, trees, flowers, humans, I gave and shared with, are my witnesses.

Having a pure connection with another existing living being (whether be a tree or a Human) can be truly uplifting.

In a summary, I am a Being full of experiences , and manage to balance my aspects of light and dark, love and hate. The more I Realize and Understand our True Nature, the more I accept the way things are, -but- I strive to bring Harmony within our World and ourselves.

I am a healer just like I am a destroyer, I am a hater just like I am a lover, I am a giver just like I am a taker.

I am (and you are) Energy.

yin yang


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